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How To Get Started In Muscle Sculpting Exercises

How To Get Started In Muscle Sculpting Exercises
By Joe Okoro

There are many reasons why some people want to sculpt their bodies and muscles. Some do it just to improve their physical appearance, others do it because they want to excel in sports such as weight lifting and other athletic activities. Still others do it because they are movie stars. Whatever your reasons for this, you should understand that a lot goes into this activity before one can achieve success eventually.

I have also found out that people have role models. Their role models can affect the way they do things. They want to live the type of life their role model lives. Hence they want to look as their role model. Why i see nothing wrong with this, it is important that you know that some of these role models do not achieve their physical appearance purely from muscle sculpting exercises. They undergo surgery, starvation diets, extensive training and so on. Few of them actually achieve it through the natural process of diet and exercises which is what i will recommend to any person who is considering building his muscles. Do not settle for anything less than this.

It might also interest you to know that this natural process is the ultimate way to achieve muscle sculpting without being adversely affected in any way. However, do not over work your body while you are engaged in this activity. If you consistently follow through with set goals and activities you will eventually naturally sculpt a body that has a stunning physique you will be proud of.

The number one question that will be in the mind of anyone just starting out will be how to go about it? In the first place you have to understand that there are different form of exercises that can help one to get started. They are stretching exercises, dance aerobics, resistance training, endurance, cardiovascular workouts, strength exercises and a whole lot of them to choose from. If you are already in the game, then you can choose any one of them. If not, then i guess you have to take the mild form of exercise and start from there. There is no need trying to accomplish everything in a short while. You have to understand that it will take your body system some time to adjust to your new routine of exercises. Otherwise you will wear your body out in no time. Just let it be a gradual process thing.

Let's assume you are just starting out, the first things you will do will be to be engaged in stretch ups and warm ups. This will give the muscles ability to accommodate future strenous exercises. It gives flexibility and elasticity to the muscles for full workout exercises. Below is the routine of a typical starter in muscle sculpting exercises.

1. Combination of stretches and warm ups

2. Repeated reach ups

3. Side stretching exercises 4xs

4. Arm rotation or swings

5. Side stretching exercises 2xs

6. Torso twists, elbow lifts 4xs per set

7. Side stretching exercises 6xs

8. Arm rotation or swings

9. Side stretching exercises 8xs

And so on.

When you are starting out, just make sure that the whole process is gradual, as time goes by and you notice that your body is quickly adapting itself to this activity, then you increase the work load as you go. Keep in mind that you need a regular schedule of these activities per week to fully reach your goals.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

What You Need To Know About Muscle Building Activity!

What You Need To Know About Muscle Building Activity!
By Joe Okoro

If you want to sculpt your muscles, it is important that you get ready for this activity by warming yourself up prior to Muscle building. Warming up is an activity on its own if you want to build your muscles. However, it is a milder form of body building.

When you warm yourself up by engaging in warm up activities, you are training your muscles to get ready for the real activity of muscle building. It removes the initial stiffness of the Muscles and allows flexibility of the body when the real Muscle building is commenced. It also allows the free flow of blood through all the cartilages and muscles. There is also an increase in the beating of the heart rate. These activities prepares your cadio vascular and respiratory system for the Body building.

In all, your body metabolic system and speed increases and efficiently adapts itself to a more strenous muscle activity. Your whole body mass will now be ready to fully take up any workout activity geared towards building the body and muscle mass.

Now we are going to discuss the different forms of Body workouts the muscle sculpter is going to engage himself in. The following are the ones we will discuss; Isokinetic, Isotonic, Continuous resistant, and Isometric workouts. Other forms of workouts include strenght training, endurance training, aerobics, dynamic constant, variable resistance workouts etc.

1. Isokinetic body workout activity allows the building of the muscles to resist high pressure. To effectively do this, heavy weight materials are used to continouosly strain the muscle and over time, it gets used to this activity and is able to effectively resist pressure.

2. Continuous or Progressive resistance activity is used to increase the size of the muscles. That is why Muscle sculpting experts advise body builders to build muscle mass using this workout activity. The end result is a stunning and well built but rounded fine muscles.

3. Isotonic body workouts is for achieving contraction that can be achieved by consistent lifting of weight, this builds a muscles mass and strenghtens the muscles flexibility.

4. The Isometric Workouts. Just as the name suggest, it is a dimensional program designed to build muscle mass by contraction and at the same time training the strenght and endurance limit of the muscles. The whole activity bears directly on aerobics. Thus anyone who have a heart problem should not participate in this workout as this can cause a cadiac arrest or heart failure.

As in any endeavour, you should have your goals properly fixed in your mind to achieve your aim. Whether you want to build muscle mass or sculpt your muscles while achieving a perfect physique, you should clearly and fully involve yourself in the appropriate workouts.

Joe Okoro writes about Muscle Sculpting, fitness and Body building in his free reports. You can sign up for his courses and get additional information by visiting:

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How to Build Muscle Size and Strength Fast Using "Death Sets"

How to Build Muscle Size and Strength Fast Using "Death Sets"
By Derek Manuel

If you really want to know how to build muscle size and strength as fast as humanly possible, study the old-timers. Long before steroids and the BILLION dollar supplement industry, there was a time when men trained with nothing but heavy iron and a gruelling will to build size and strength. One very distinguishing factor between strength trainers and bodybuilders of yesterday and today was the intensity of their training.

One training technique they used that is very rare to see today is something called "Death Sets." By the name alone, you can tell they definitely aren't a walk in the park. But what they give you is results. Real results, and faster then any supplement or home gym can promise. In fact, applied properly with the right food to eat to build muscles, they can very well be the fasted way to build muscle and gain weight.

I had first read about death sets in a one of the greatest books ever written on strength training, Dinosaur Training, by a man named Brooks D. Kubik. If you are a hardgainer, or someone really serious about training for strength and size, then death sets can and will slap more pounds of muscle and strength on your frame then practically any other way of training. They are perhaps the most intense type of training you may ever do, but like I said, the results you get will be like nothing else. So if you really, really want to learn how to build muscle size and strength faster then ever before, and aren't afraid of some hard work, these are for you.

So what exactly are death sets and how do you do them? Death sets were properly named because they trigger what Kubik calls the "Grow or Die" mechanism. Unlike conventional training, they really work you closer to your absolute limit like nothing else. Basically, death sets are heavy, high rep training. Sounds like a paradox, doesn't it? Normally, you either train with heavy weight and low reps, or with lighter weight and high reps. So how in the world do you train with heavy weight and still do a high amount of reps? Two factors: certain compound exercises and mental toughness. Death sets are not meant for your smaller muscle groups like arms or neck, but rather for the big muscle groups such as your legs and lower back.

Though you can apply death sets with most larger muscle groups, performing squats or deadlifts with them are by far the most gruelling, but effective. Since our legs can withstand much more physical endurance then the rest of our body, (given that we walk and stand on them all day long) it is very hard to reach their limit. And your body will do everything it can to get your mind to quit before your body. But you have to train your mind to withstand pain and accomplish your goal. Even though squats and deadlifts are known as mainly leg exercises, you can no doubt expect your whole body to grow. The intensity will include your whole body to come into action, and as a result the rest of your muscles will benefit, especially doing stiff-legged deadlifts.

Some examples of death sets are 15, 20 and even up to 30 reps of squats or deadlifts, but with HEAVY weight. Heavy enough to where you feel finished at the tenth rep. But this is where your will power and focus come into play. This is a good test of your mental strength, because as soon as you even think about quitting or giving up, your body will do it. This is why it is so important to mentally prep yourself before the set, and to stay in that animal instinct throughout the whole set.

The good news is that you only have to do one of these sets per exercise, two at the maximum. But after you are finished you will feel completely wiped out. You may throw up or feel like passing out, but as long as you complete the set and make sure to nourish your body after with plenty of good food and rest, your body will grow. You certainly won't grow overnight, this is at least a two month process; but if you work hard enough and build up to heavy enough weight, your body will literally transform. Your mental toughness will also develop and you will eventually become as tough as nails both physically and mentally. Now that's a true strength trainer!

So if you got the guts, give these a try, but remember not to do too many other exercises in your program along with them. You can very easily overtrain with these, especially if you are a hardgainer. Just a couple other major compound exercises for your upper body should be plenty, and don't neglect proper nutrition and plenty of rest or you will be completely wasting your time and effort. This is perhaps the best way on how to build muscle size and strength fast.

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